The department caters to engineering graduates of B.E. /B.Tech, and serves as a baseline for all engineering stream. The department has highly qualified faculty members with specialization in various fields in physics and chemistry. The dedicated staff members keep themselves updated with the latest trends in the fields by taking part in workshops and conferences. Best education is ensured by the faculty members to all the students at various levels. Both physics and chemistry laboratories are equipped with all equipments according to the guidelines laid down by the University and AICTE. Teaching methodology adopted in the department are practical demonstration (Manual presentation), power point presentation with animated graphics using LCD projector and chalk and talk method (Formulae and Measurements).

The globalization of business has brought technical communication to the forefront of scholastic and industrial world. One of the vital qualities of an effective leader is the command over oral ability in the language of communication. In other words, effective oral communication is a key to thriving leadership. The department of english endows students with vital training to meet the demands of global communication and helps them widen proficiency in communication. A language lab system consists of a teacher console and a student console.

The teacher console is provided with the control functions and the student console is provided with the facility to receive recorded lessons and to listen the lessons and pronunciations. The console also has the facility to record and replay the student’s own recording. Language lab course material is divided into two sections to get appropriate and effective results from students. The course material is divided for students convenience. It is divided into english lab module and career lab module. English lab module focuses mainly on the effective writing, grammar and usage. It helps s the student to get a strong foundation in “Basic English”. The career lab module is mainly designed to help the pre-final year students to build their career oriented development. It focuses mainly on the soft skill training. The department has well trained and dedicated faculty members.