Research and Development Cell (R&D)


  • To convergence knowledge, intellectuals, and resources for technological innovations.

Research and Development (R&D)

        Centre for Research &Consultancy (CRC) @ NPSBCEThave facilitates and enhances the research and consultancy activities of the college by encouraging and guiding the faculty to undertake research projects and Institutional consultancy. CRC works as a hub for research and consultancy programmes with the faculties, students, funding agencies, industries, and management as stakeholders. CRC is set up to provide guidance and support for the operation of sponsored research, consultancy, and other R&D related activities of the Institution. The overall R&D structure comprises of core research committee and student research committee with representation from all departments. The committees provide thrust to the research and development activities and to promote technical exchange and collaboration on projects with significant potential for scalability.
            Institutional collaborations for research and consultancies with funding agencies like Govt/Non-Govt have been established by the college.

The following are the role and responsibilities of research and Development Cell

  • To expand various professional society chapters and make the activities vibrant
  • To encourage the faculties to publish their research works in high quality journals
  • Encourage the faculty members to attend research-oriented faculty development programmes and National/International conferences
  • To plan for resource mobilization through industry interaction, consultancy, and MOUs.
  • To coordinate the research activities among the various departments of the college
  • Scrutinize and recommend the student’s project proposals and submit them to various agencies
  • To update the students on the trending technological innovations and to motivate them to unfold their hidden talents
  • To identify the potential areas of research in various disciplines of engineering and form the faculty groups into various clusters based on their specialization
  • To prepare and submit proposals/grants to various governmentfunding agencies
  • To encourage the faculty members to do multi-disciplinary research
  • Encourage the faculty members to attend research-oriented faculty development programmes and National/International conferences
  • Strengthening the Industry Institution Interaction by signing MOUs with prominent organizations

To Contact:

Dr. S. Senthil Kumar,
Research – Coordinator,
New Prince Shri Bhavani College of Engineering and Technology,
Vengaivasal Main Road, Gowrivakkam, Chennai – 600 073.
Email ID:
Contact no.: 86109 46105

Research Account::

Account Number - 148202000001307