The college has multi stored buildings with spacious classrooms and the following well equipped laboratories to cater to the needs of the students.

  • Computer Laboratory
  • Electronics Laboratory
  • Workshops
  • Language Laboratory
  • Electrical Laboratory
  • Physics Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Instrumentation Laboratory etc.,

Language Lab

English Lab provides an opportunity to all learners to hear the instructions. Each learner can listen to the lesson material at a level lay down by the Instructor and also receive guidance from the teacher. Individual head set is given to the students to understand the accurate and correct pronunciation. Individual headset provides learners with a psychological privacy. They promote not only speaking ability but also effective learning. It encourages the students to speak so that the mute and shy people including other students get benefit from it. They can practice the sounds according British pronunciation which help them speak with correct pronunciation. The students can test their voice by producing the sounds. The testing makes the students speak without fear and brings the students on one path which focus on learning English. Instructors generate a variety of exercises structured around role-playing. Learners are grouped together in small numbers and hold conversational practice with each other.

Internet Facility

The centre has a 10 system LAN connected to the Sify Broadband with a speed of 10mbps. The centre also provides scanning and printing facilities. The centre is accessible 24 hours free of cost for both the staff and the students.