Anti Sexual Harassment Cell


As suggested by University of Grants Commission, New Delhi, Our College has established Grievance Redressal Cell. This cell is formed to look into complaints lodged by students and redressal is taken for the grievances. It helps in ensuring transparency in all the activities related to students. This grievance cell also looks into sensitive issues like harassment problems. Any individual with genuine grievance can approach the members of the cell in person. And if the person is unwilling to appear in person he/she can lodge a complaint as letter and post it in respective suggestion boxes which have been kept in various places in the college campus. Also the complaint can be posted via email to the officer in charge of the Grievance cum Redressal Cell.


  • To have an unbiased system for redressal of issues faced by the students.
  • Strict confidentiality of grievances of students is ensured so that students can approach the cell without fear or vindictive activity.
  • To ensure a healthy bondage between students as well as student staff relationship.
  • To ensure that immediate action is taken by Faculty or the Management depending on the nature of grievance.


The Grievance Redressal Cell comprises of Faculty Members of various positions. The Committee has been formed to enquire the grievance and suggest necessary action initiated at the Institution Level for redressal of the same. Any student can approach the following members if they have any grievance and the Committee will take necessary action.

Members of Grievance Redressal Committee: