One Day Workshop On BigData Analytics


Mr.Ilamparithi Muthusamy

Data Engineer at YuMe-BigData-Hadoop-ETL-DW

Chennai, TamilNadu, India

Information Technology and Services

TOPIC: BigData Analytics

Session Date: 23-1-2016                                                                                                                                Time: 9.30am-4.30pm

CSE and IT, MCA Staff Members and Students attended the session on BigData Analytics.

Topics covered in the session were about BIGDATA, HADOOP, HDFS and Map Reduce with examples.

The session had been a very interactive session.Since BigData is becoming more and more important in fields from science to marketing, engineering, medicine and government.

BigData Analytics is probably the fastest evolving issue in the IT world now. New tools and algorithm are being created and adopted rapidly.

The workshop equipped us with detailed knowledge in this exciting field and allowed us to explore a range of advanced topics in Computer science.

The session has been great for us to know more about BigData and its Applications. We got the idea about the HADOOP DISTRIBUTED FILE SYSTEM, so that we can implement this in our final year project and for higher studies. Thus it will help us in developing our career also.

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