Message from Chairman's Desk

I feel very proud to make welcome address to all of you.

Chairman - K. Loganathan, M.Com., M.Ed., We understand our fundamental duty is that we need to produce technically sound and conversant engineers to the industries of our nation and to the world. Today, both engineering and technology have numerous changes and need to prove its core competencies by establishing innovative and inventive ideas. This is possible only through technically competent and industry relevent engineers. Keeping this in mind, we, at Npsbcet, offer compelete package of academics, training, research and placement support to all our students and we support them to do extremely well in their career when they enter into their profession fully. In this regard, we also believe that our students will shine personally and professionally in their respective profession.

We, at Npsbcet, believe education is vital for building strong families, vibrant communities, and skilled technocrats. As a premier learning centered institution committed to excellence, our vision for the institution is to be recognized as a dedicated institution aiming to achieve academic excellence that fosters continued learning, economic empowerment, entrepreneurial development and skilled enhancement. We are taking sustained efforts to train our students under very well designed value added coaching in order to enhance their aptitude and technical skills for their on-campus placements. And, our students who had utilized this opportunity got placements through the campus drive.

I wish all the very best to the student community for their successful professional career in future.

K. Loganathan, M.Com., M.Ed.,

Message from Secretary's Desk

Mrs. V.S. Mahalakshmi, M.Com., M.Ed.,M.PhilAt Npsbcet, students are being energized to become leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and better engineers in their respective profession, by providing excellence of engineering education.

We immensely believe that the education is reflection of both intelligent quotation and emotional intelligence that fetches best values forever. Therefore, our prime focus is not only imparting subject oriented knowledge but also to impart life oriented skill-sets that are highly inevitable in today's global and engineering scenario.

Therefore, I welcome the aspiring engineers to join us and enjoy our teaching and learning process at Npsbcet.

All the very best to all aspiring engineers.

Mrs. V.S. Mahalakshmi, M.Com., M.Ed.,M.Phil