Counselling Code: 1431

Department of Information Technology

Course offered: B.Tech in Information Technology (UG)

Information Technology

The computer revolution has geared India towards the new era of growth and technical excellence. Computers have increased the quality, accuracy, efficiency and the speed of the work performed in almost every sector of the activity. Computer helps man in composing, organizing, analyzing, storing and retrieving data with ease and cleans. There is hardly any area of activity that has not been permitted by the magic of the computer . For the every same reason the employment opportunities offered in this sector are phenomenal. IT deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and retrieve information.

In this definition, the term "information" can usually be replaced by "data" without loss of meaning. Recently it has become popular to broaden the term to explictly include the field of electronic communication so that people tend to use the abbreviation ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Today, the term Information Technology has ballooned to encompass many aspects of computing and technology, and the term is more recognizable than ever before. The Information Technology umbrella can be quite large, covering many fields. IT professionals perform a variety of duties that range from installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information databases. A few of the duties that IT professionals perform may include:

  • Data Management
  • Computer Networking
  • Database Systems Design
  • Software design
  • Management Information Systems
  • Systems management

The information technology course provides a comprehensive view of the world of Information Technology including Internet Applications and design, besides the traditional opportunities in Computer Career. Web applications require enormous knowledge of several components like Web servers, Web Protocols and to use the Web Application tools besides OOPS concept. The information Technologist has greater opportunities in Software Development because of their excellent knowledge of Web Technology. In future the IT Industry will purely depend on information Technologists. Besides, job opportunities in the field of technology, other options are the pursuit of higher studies in areas of Networking, Distributed Systems, Web Technologies, Information Systems, Bio Informatics and Artificial Intelligence. The department of information technology was started with the aim of catering to the needs for quality IT professionals in the nations march towards the digital age. The vision of the IT department is to efficiently mould engineer's knowledge with the theory and practice using teaching skill utilizing the latest practical experiments and software to fit into areas of technology with advanced information.

The department has the following labs as per the requirements of the University. They are:

  • Fundamentals of computing Lab
  • Object Oriented programming and Data structures lab
  • Computer Graphics lab
  • Computer Network lab
  • Service oriented architecture lab
  • Programming and Data structures-II lab
  • Web Programming lab
  • Case Tools lab

The Department of Information Technology inaugurated the NOTION association on 7th August 2015 as "Techkalam'15" and selected the office bearers. Events like paper presentation and connexions were conducted for the students of the Department who excelled their talents and won prizes. Students visited Radio Astronomy Research Centre (OOTY) as part of their industrial visit program.