Advanced Career Education

Intel Advanced Education

Npsbcet has an agreement with FICE (certified agency of Intel) to empower the knowledge and skills of faculty members and students of all branches. Intel enriches the knowledge of the faculty members through their modules and in turn the faculty members train their students to suit the requirements of industries. It is a great opportunity for the students of NPSBCET in pertaining to their career advancement.

Departmental Associations

Each department of Npsbcet has established an association, through which, technical experts are invited to interact directly with students and staff members. For interactive sessions, an innovative topic is chosen. All departmental associations also organize a symposium (two to three days) on topics pertaining to all branches. Technical and interactive sessions are organized to make the function very interesting.

BSNL Training

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigham Limited) provides telecom practical skill learning for all the engineering graduates of Npsbcet. This vocational type of training is offered with the aim of producing engineers more knowledgeable and employable. BSNL is a leading provider of premium telecom training in the country by offering the best quality training. NPSBCET takes this as a great opportunity for its students and sends the students to BSNL office fot this complete telecom practical training program.

Aptitude Training

Students are given opportunities to attend the three day campus training on aptitude class conducted by a leading consultant. For which, the solved books are also being supplied to all the students. Apart from this exercise, an expert with mathematical background will be invited to take classes in all possible units of aptitude. For this exercise alone, a total of three days will be spent.

Business English

Business English plays a vital role in professional success. An effective combination of knowledge and communication skills is required in a student in the job market. So potentially effective methods are adopted to enhance the communication skills of the students. Communication classes also help the students present themselves better in their face to face interviews.

Interview Techniques and Mock Sessions

Leading HR experts are invited to deliver lectures on interview techniques and what industry expects from engineering graduates. In the sessions, all relevant information regarding interview, answering the questions, body language, personality, attitude etc., are covered. After, Mock sessions are also organized to prepare students to attend the interviews without tension.

Centre for Career Guidance

At Npsbcet, students are given full freedom and opportunities to choose their career for their future accomplishment. Students are being separated based on their interest of choice.Career guidance cell conducts career guidance programs for students who are interested in entering into public service jobs. Leading retired IAS has been invited to interact with the students of NPSBCET. All the training sessions are mandatory for all the students. To be exposed to today's industry requirements, experts talk have been organized in every week. In order to perform well in written examination, the college has invited leading organization (FACE) to conduct aptitude classes for about six days. Apart from this, an expert on mathematics is invited to handle sessions for students of all branches.

Centre for Entrepreneurship

A separate centre called Entrepreneurship Centre is established in the college. It focuses on developing the employability potential of engineering graduates through conduct of more and more practical and entreprenuerial developmental programs. Leading experts are invited to deliver lecture and to interact with the students. Through this kind of face to face interaction, the student gets knowledge on his/her own fields.

Centre for Quality Management

A centre for Quality Management has been established to teach and train the students and faculty members of NPSB. A leading management consultant has been invited to deliver lecture on quality and six sigma to make the students understand about the work and how to do it always with ease and perfect. Special training programs have also been organized for the participants from Industry and Academia.

Industry Connect

In order to prepare students in terms of their technical competence, soft skills and real time exposure, the training and placement cell invite industry professionals to share their thoughts and experiences with the students. This kind of interactions will motivate the students to increase their self confidence, communication skills and technical competencies. The details of industry persons who visited our college are listed below:

  1. Mr. R. Elavarasu, IBM India Pvt Ltd, Chennai has delivered a lecture on Interview facing skills on 12.09.2015.
  2. Dr. C. Sekar, PG Extention Centre, Manonmaniyan Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, has delivered lecture on "Interview Aptitude Solving Techniques" on 9th, 10th and 11th Sep 2015.
  3. Ms. Sathya, HCL, Chennai, has interacted with the students on "Campus to Corporate Expectations" on 26.08.2015
  4. Ms. Meenakshi Ehelium, Chennai Software Foundations, interacted with the students on 03.08.2015.
  5. Mr. Jousha David, CTS, Chennai, delivered a lecture on "Emphasizing Skills" on 04.07.2015.
  6. Mr. Ravi Rajendra, GISocial, Chennai, interacted with the students on "How to become an Entrepreneur" on 26.06.2015.
  7. Mr. Thomas Komban, Technopundits Business Solution, delivered a lecture on "Ethical Hacking" on 19.06.2015.
  8. Mr. Karthik, Symantec Technologies, has made his lecture on "Career Guidance" to all the students of NPSBCET on 19.6.2015.
  9. Mr. ArunPrakash, Mr. BalaMurugan, and Mrs. Sridevi, Guvi Geek Pvt Ltd., Chennai, interacted with the students on "Career Guidance" on19.06.2015.
  10. Mr. Dilip Kumar, Branch Manager of IOB, delivered a lecture on "Aptitude" on 18.6.15.
  11. Mrs. R. Priya, HR Global Companies, has interacted with the students on "Career Guidance" on 18.6.2015.
  12. Mr. Kalyan Sundaram, I.A.S (Rtd), Excell Career, delivered and interacted with all the students on "Higher Education" on 16.6.2015.
  13. Mr. Ganesh, Technical Manager, CMS Info Tech, Chennai, interacted with the students on "Career Guidance" on 16.06.2015.
  14. Mr. Pranav and Siva, Traid Solutions, interacted with the students on "Information Security" on 21.2.2015.

Industrial Visits

Industrial visit has its own significance in the career of an engineering student while he/she is pursuing a professional degree. It is basically considered as a part of curriculum. The aim of any industrial visit is to provide an insight into the internal working of the companies. Theoretical knowledge is not sufficient for making a good professional career. Therefore, to be beyond the curriculum, industrial visit provides the student, a practical perspective, an opportunity to learn, and understand the employment practices of companies. Keeping that in mind, Industrial visits are arranged by NPSBCET to the students of all branches with an aim of providing students functional opportunity in different sectors like IT, Manufacturing, automobiles, electronics, electricals and civil engineering.